Thursday, August 07, 2014

Happy Birthday Obama” Obama “Swallows” Banana In Moscow

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Ars Medendi Project - Test Renders.

All modeled and rendered by me in Blender 2.7
Based on the following:
Artwork: Ars Medendi (the Medical Art)
Artist: Jim Sanborn
Location: Campus of Thomas Jefferson University
Cylinder: 2009, East Side of 11th Street, South Side of Walnut
Proof of concept.

More proof of concept.

Testing light projection on textured walls and floor.  Looking forward to doing an animated fly-through at end of project.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Extortion, Threats of Violence And An International Reach: No, It's Not The Mafia.

Okay, here's the plan.  The Feds get to sell the cattle they stole and split the proceeds with owner of cattle.  No bad PR of Feds shooting down civilians in an election year....maybe after the mid-terms.

Better to turn the matter of the troublesome cattle rancher over to the IRS, which has more teeth than all other government agencies put together, including the NSA, FBI and CIA.  Don't take my word for it.

Obama signs executive orders giving Americans more time to register for his big government healthcare Moloch, while his IRS gives -get this- foreign banks more time to register as De facto tax collectors for the U.S. Government. 

....and then they tell you Putin's Russia is a dangerous, expansionist dictatorship.  Yeah, right.

* Did you know that Americans working abroad for foreign companies still owe the IRS taxes on their earnings?  Even the Mafia is jealous. 

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Nixie Tube Project continued .... Modeled and Rendered in Blender 2.7.

Two front facing Nixi tubes unlit, one back facing with manufacture print texture decal (done in Photoshop).

Cool orange and purple glow on this Nixie tube.

Traffic walk signal inside Nixie tube...just for the hell of it.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

This is a Military Base....No Guns Allowed.

Carry the biggest, bad-ass guns in a foreign country, that's okay.  Light up and smoke a Camel in that fox hole, no one bats an eye.  But don't you dare bring a gun, or even an e-cigarette into a "safe space." *

* A safe space is anywhere that guns, cigarettes or normal male sex drive makes liberals and other control freaks uncomfortable. <<< Marijuana and gangstas excepted >>>


Fort Hood Texas, November of 2009:

Major Nidal Hasan, an army psychologist, who never served a blessed day in combat,  killed thirteen people and wounded over thirty.

No one in that military facility was armed;  they had to call the police.

Fort Hood Texas, April 2014:

Sgt. Danny Ferguson, a veteran of Afghanistan, held a door shut with his body, protecting others from a crazed gunman who served four months in Iraq driving a truck and who never saw combat. Sgt. Danny Ferguson was from Mulberry Florida.

Sgt. Carlos A. Lazaney-Rodriguez, a twenty-year veteran with a family, who was scheduled to retire, killed by a crazed gunman who served four months in Iraq driving a truck and never saw combat.  Sgt. Carlos A. Lazaney-Rodriguez was from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.  His father and brothers live in Tampa Florida.

Sgt. Timothy Owens, who served in Iraq as a military counselor, had recently married in August and also had two teenage sons, was killed by a crazed gunman who served four months in Iraq driving a truck and never saw combat.  Sgt. Timothy Owens was from Effingham, a small town in Illinois.  His mother is heartbroken.

Sixteen others were wounded, and by wounded I mean disfigured, severely handicapped and emotionally scarred for different from Fort Hood 2009. 

No one in that military facility was armed;  they had to call the police.

Question.  Why is it okay to be trusted with a weapon in a foreign country, but not in America in a military facility?

*** What am I saying?!  When 248 marines were killed in Lebanon by a truck bomb in 1983, they weren't allowed loaded guns!  KABOOM! *** 

Now Uncle Sam and NATO are predictably beating the drums of war over Ukraine.  

Every career military stooge is on the media-pundit-circuit talking the usual macho shit.  The fact that Obama is an incompetent failure on the world stage may be a silver lining, but don't bet on it lasting much longer.  This president, who is both a domestic and foreign policy failure, needs a war legacy real bad.

If your children are considering a stint in the military, talk them out of it.  Don't let your sons and daughters grow up to be cannon fodder, either abroad or at home.  Better yet, send them to college in Colorado where they can legally light up a joint and piss away their college loan on a bachelors degree to nowhere;  at least they can limp to retirement paying off their loan without the aid of a prosthesis.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nixie Tube Project: Composition.

Nixie Tube is looking more detailed.  After further improvements and detailing, I will do a turntable animation.  All modeling and rendering was done using Blender 2.69. 

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Nixie Tube Project....Retro Tech.

A work in progress:  I modeled and rendered this Nixie Tube in Blender 2.69.  Eventually, I will model a series of them and include animation.
Added glossy texture to honeycomb anode, changed some light settings along with glare and blur compositing nodes ( 2-9-2014 ).

The Nixie tube was introduced in 1955 by the Burroughs Corporation and found multiple uses in the electronics industry.  The Soviet Union copied the idea and continued to use the Nixie in their military equipment into the 1980's.  Today, Russia has a surplus of these neon gas tubes, which are available for purchase, generally by hobbyists and retro-tech geeks. 

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Libertarians...the best friends a big government Liberal could have.

Last night, the Libertarian candidate for governor of Virginia, Robert Sarvis, siphoned just the right percentage of votes away from Tea Party favorite and republican, Ken Cuccinelli, allowing one of the slimiest, scumbag politicians and Hillary Clinton's best blow buddy, Terry McAuliffe, to slither into the governor's office.

It's no secret that the McAuliffe campaign raised 70% of their funds out of state -the largest amount of out-of-state funding in any gubernatorial race-  and that a portion of those funds went to the Libertarian candidate as a strategic vote splitter.

The fact that the libertarian candidate had absolutely no chance of winning the governorship never made it past the reptilian cortex of 7% of voters in Virginia.   Once again, libertarian candidates and voters prove that they are useful idiots and the best friends a big government liberal can have on election day.

For the libertarian clown party, it wasn't about getting 80% of what they claim they want, it was about getting 0% along with a hefty down payment for a successful Hillary Clinton for president win in the swing state of Virginia in 2016. 

I've always known that libertarians are pipe dreamers and clowns with no serious intention of ever taking the responsibility of public office, and last night was without a doubt an undeniable confirmation.  It wasn't even enough that Rand Paul - a serious proponent of libertarian values within the republican party - campaigned hard for Ken Cuccinelli.  

Having known some asshole libertarians in the past, I can tell you they are not serious.  In fact, they have more in common with Jerry Rubin and the Yippy movement than with the founding fathers.  What's next, a D.C. mall march and cream pie in-the-face contest?

Next time you meet a libertarian, kick him in the gonads and move on.  Talking to clowns makes about as much sense as believing you can keep your doctor under Obamacare.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Too Illegit to Quit

Which countries -or should I say governments- are for intervention in Syria as of today in this whole wide world?  The USA; Saudi Arabia; Turkey; Canada and France.  

Okay, let's apply a credibility test.

Saudi Arabia is a theocratic dictatorship run by a rich royal family that routinely funds radical madrases from north Africa to Indonesia.

Turkey is run by a military that suppresses it's own people during peaceful protests and is inching towards theocracy under Erdogan, who is sympathetic to fundamentalist Muslim groups.

Canada? F**K Canada! What do they know about anything and why should we care?

France? Haven't we learned to stay out of countries they used to own like Vietnam but didn't have the balls to fight to keep?

As for the USA, we lost thousands of American lives, hundreds of thousands wounded and hundreds of billions of dollars just to create more chaos in a region of the world that was far more stable before we interfered.

Yet president Barry Hussein has to save face after having drawn a line in the sand; a line he now says he never drew.  In fact, the Duke of Plaza Toro says "the world" drew a line in the sand, not him!

A year ago al-qaeda burned down our embassy in Benghazi Libya and killed four Americans.  That was after Obama -at the behest of Britain and France- used American muscle to interfere in a civil war against a leader who gave up his WMDs and renounced terrorism. 

Curiously, Britain doesn't seem to have a crucial interest in regime change in Syria like they did in Libya, and by Britain, I mean the government, not those Brits protesting against intervention in the streets of London.

True, Obama has the support of fellow socialist and French president Hollande, but NATO without Britain is like Frankenstein without a lightning strike;  that bitch ain't gettin' off the table.

My point is that Obama, in all his hubris, made a big blunder this time.  He didn't wait for the phone call from his masters at 10 Downing street before drawing a line in the sand.   Looks like he just buried himself in the sand...for now anyway.

This Tuesday night, the messiah hits the boob tube for a public relations push in a last attempt to save face before the first tomahawk missile is launched.  Make no mistake about it, it will be an appeal to those who support his incompetence on domestic policy but are wavering on his failed foreign policy.

Now  in light of the Russian president's reasonable entreaties at the G20 summit in St. Peterburg, can someone tell me why Vladimir Putin doesn't qualify for the Nobel Peace Prize and Barack Hussein Obama does?!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

President Drone Strike Strikes Out!

Am I the only one enjoying Obama's foreign policy quagmire?  Here we are, five years after the president's Mile High, valedictory in Colorado, and the Greek columns have collapsed to ruins.  The blind poet Homer would have opted for deafness, but then again, Homer, who authored a quasi-mythological story, would know bullshit when he heard it.

When the messiah was running for president, he and his vice-president (foot in mouth Biden), excoriated president Bush's foreign policy.  Bush had "damaged" our standing in the world and gotten us involved in two bloody wars, even though little Barry supported one of them.

Why.... not even our European allies could stomach the sight of us!

In 2002, Joe Biden stood on the senate floor and declared that president Bush should be impeached if he invaded Iraq without the consent of congress.  It was unconstitutional dammit!

Obama was going to "repair" our relations with the rest of the world.  The Grand Vizier even went on a middle east apology tour - self-flagellation in flagrante in Tahrir square.

And remember when president Soetoro, in order to repair relations with Russia, sent his then secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, to Moscow with a gift for then president Medvedev - get this, a RESET BUTTON - literally a big red button with the word RESET on it!  How's that for statesmanship?

Also on the "hope and change" agenda, president Barry promised to close down Gitmo; respect international law; get Arab countries to trust us and stop the polar ice cap from melting.

Let's examine the results, shall we?

Today, Obama is threatening unilateral action on Syria and can't even get Britain on board.  His only allies are French president Holland -a fellow socialist, who seems always keen on foreign intervention- along with tweedle dumb and dumber, senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

What about Libya?  It isn't even safe for the FBI these days.  The Egyptian military threw out his precious Muslim brotherhood from power;  Afghanistan is scheduled for a return of the Taliban to governance;  Iraq is as chaotic as ever with a daily bombathon body count;  Iran is right on schedule to go nuclear and Syria crossed the dreaded red line that the messiah foolishly drew in the sand a year ago.

And the drone strikes!  It's one thing to kill enemy combatants in a fire fight and capture some for intel back at Gitmo, it's another thing to kill thousands of civilians with a joy stick, wielded by a 90's generation Nintendo veteran sitting in a Nevada air force hangar.

Yes, I'm enjoying all of the above as only someone who remembers recent history could.  Personally, I'm for staying out of the middle east all together and  I've taken a liking to senator Rand Paul (R-Texas), who I'm proud to have in the Republican party.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fuzzy Logic (July 21, 2013)

Anyone who reads my blog with irregularity will get the impression I really don't like blogging on a regular basis.  I mean, who the hell reads my blog anyway and why should I care?  But I just had to make this entry and get it out of my system.

I never thought George Zimmerman would walk out of court a free man.  In a previous blog entry, I wasn't very optimistic about his chances but now it seems not even Eric Holder's "justice department" has a hook to hang their hat on.  I'm ecstatic!  I should be wrong more often.

For whatever it's worth, these are the indisputable facts of the Zimmerman case according to the defense, prosecution and the jury:

1- No racial profiling took place (see FBI report).
2- George Zimmerman was not racially motivated (see FBI report).
3- Trayvon Martin initiated a violent confrontation with Zimmerman.
4- George Zimmerman was on the receiving end of said violence.
5- The stand your ground law was not invoked by the defense.
6- This was a simple case of self defense.
7- Trayvon Martin was not a little kid being stalked.
8- There were no civil rights violations except those against Zimmerman.
9- Zimmerman is not a racist (not that it should matter given the facts of this case).

Yet, the false narrative continues, mainly that a creepy, white-Hispanic cracker preyed on a black child out for skittles and soft drinks.  This narrative also indicts Florida's stand your ground law (totally irrelevant to the case); racial profiling (totally irrelevant to the case) and the patently false assertion that young, black males are victims of all of the above.  Now it becomes a "crisis"!

So what exactly is the crisis?  It's the usual manufactured hysteria by the "civil rights" hack-tivists who know they can count on the liberal media to make their lies gospel truth.  But for Obama, this so-called crisis is no different than the one immediately following the Newtown massacre.  It's another gun grab rationale.

Obama set this up when he interjected himself into the Zimmerman case a year ago. Since the verdict, president Barry is doing what he does best;  steering the debate into his agenda zone, far from where it started.  The media will go along.

Let me get back to my Sunday. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Barry Soetoro has no clothes.

It took five years and three major scandals for someone to finally notice that Obama is butt nekkid.  It's obvious even to that old lib lady, a.k.a. The New York Times, that the actor formally known as Barry Soetoro is still just an actor.

These past six months we've been treated to a trifecta of scandals featuring Barack Barrymore and his miscreant underlings in the DOS, IRS, DOJ and NSA; everything from ambassadorial slaughter in Benghazi to line-dancing, tea party targeting, tax collectors; signed warrants of surveillance on Fox News journalists to a colossal, hi-tech, data crunching Moloch mapping your every communication.  It's more than a bit ironic, and a pleasure to watch, China and Russia thumbing their noses at the petulant manchild-in-chief while giving safe conduct to whistle blower Edward Snowden, presumably on his way to Ecuador once asylum is granted.

Did you catch Obama's "charm offensive" in Europe, modeled on his first European rock star tour of five years ago?  This G8 summit snoozer started to unravel in plain view while seated next to a visibly bored and indifferent Vladimir Putin.  By the time Obama finished his "ich bin ein Arschloch" speech at the Brandenburg gate, it was obvious even to his cult members that the magic was gone; the valedictory fizzled out on his teleprompter in the bright Berlin sunlight.  Priceless.

Getting back to Ed Snowden, Barry did an about face on the whistle blower, recasting him as a young punk hacker not worth of bringing to justice.  Just last week Snowden was a traitor who endangered American security.  If that was an attempt to save face after being rebuffed by China and Russia, it wasn't even worthy of a b-movie actor.

Moving on to the son Barry never had, Treyvon Martin, looks like the prosecution is screwing themselves royally with their first witness, Jabba the Hut Jenel.  Zimmerman's defense team couldn't have wished for better.  Add to that the other witness who corroborated George Zimmerman's account of events, along with graphic photos of injuries Zimmerman sustained at the hands of "little Treyvon", and this trial is over...or should be.

Jumping back to Obama's Berlin speech, how irrelevant was that?  Nuclear arms reduction?!  Maybe the messiah was channeling the Reagan-Gorbachev 80's. Now the naked emperor is in South Africa on the Nelson Mandela death watch, channeling the early 90's.  Someone tell the anti-Obama demonstrators in Johannesburg that Barry is a son of Africa.  Were did all the pride go and will our dear leader ever get a hospital photo-op with the big Kahuna?  Stay tuned for further coverage of the 100 million dollar safari.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ricetta per Panzerotti Pugliesi.

It's a snowy night in the northern Italian city of Udine, a perfect time for one family to make and enjoy Panzerottis.  The wife cooks, the husband takes the video and the bambina wants to know when it's time to chow down.  A thoroughly charming cooking video.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Italian politics...always entertaining

I reworded Silvio Berlusconi's song, "Meno male che Silvio c'e' (Thank goodness for Silvio), in light of the recent stalemate in selecting a new president of the republic.  I would translate the words into English but it wouldn't rhyme then, would it? ;)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Graphic design

All modeled and rendered in Blender 2.66

The chess pieces were modeled using splines, object modifiers and textures in the latest version of Blender.  Once a complete set is designed, it's off to the 3D print shop for the prototypes, from which rubber molds will be made for cold cast, polyresin chess sets.  After a few tweaks, I'll be sending this picture to my online store.  For links to my stores, visit my Youtube page:

Monday, January 21, 2013

Guess Who's Birthday it is Today?

Yes, that's right!  It's Benny Hill's birthday today.  Benny was born this day, January 21, 1924.  What?  You were expecting someone else?  I think we should celebrate this day every year to honor a great man who brought laughter into the lives of many.  Benny Hill will always be our king ;^)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fuzzy Logic (1-12-13)

Why is the news media obsessed with Lance Armstrong and other athletes who use chemicals to boost their performance?   Has anyone come out against protein shakes for bodybuilders or Campbells hearty beef stew for football players?  And let's not forget psychological assists either.  I'm convinced the Philly Phanatic has given the mediocre Phils an unfair advantage in home games just by being an annoying and distracting pain in the ass.

Apart from the chemical, psychological and alimentary boosts athletes use to gain the edge, we now have limbless runners using carbon-fiber prosthetic legs, arguably an advantage in sprints.  But western literature is replete with examples of the hero -a mere mortal- getting an assist from prosthetics; everything from magic swords, magic rings and magic cloaks and helmets.  We need only look to Wagner's operas and Tolkien's books, both filled with examples of the hero employing these unfair advantages against their opponents.

As for chemical assists, I reference Richard Wagner's Siegfried opera.  Where would Siegfried be if he had not inadvertently tasted that drop of dragon's blood?  It saved his Teutonic ass!  I hear Alberich went straight to Bud Selig and filed a complaint.  I guess we won't be seeing old Sigi in the hall of fame any time soon.

I'm willing to bet that your average NASCAR racer is popping something to keep him alert and focused for 200 laps of left-turn monotony.  In a 24 hour Le Mans race, do you honestly think there are no drivers popping uppers?  If it stops them from slamming into a wall, is that considered an unfair advantage over their non-medicated opponents?

Fact is, everyone loves a winner and everyone loved Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds when they were winning;  in sports, that's the bottom line and the money maker.  I'll chalk up the staged outrage to America's obsession with hypocrisy.  

Now what about Viagra and Cialis?  Why should us honest guys, who rely on our native skills, have to compete with a seventy-five year old millionaire for the attentions of a young, busty blond on a Carnival cruise ship?   We struggling heroes might have to commission Merlin to whip up a money potion for us in the galley.  See you on deck for that killer cocktail honey ;>)

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Gerard Depardieu didn't chose America...

Russia's 13% flat income tax is such a great idea, you can bet we will never see it in America. After all, the purpose of our "progressive" tax system is so politicians in Washington can manipulate the finances of industry and of the American people. I'll take Vladimir Putin over Barack Hussein Obama any day.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

For God so loved the world...

In Christian mythology, King Herod slaughtered innocent children just to get his hands on God's son.  As the fable goes, Jesus escaped harm, so the only parents grieving were those of the slaughtered children not protected by the almighty. 
The grieving parents in Newtown Connecticut will never see their children again, but they pray to a God who saw it all go down, and let it happen.  I guess it's only human to seek consolation from the supernatural when faced with unbearable suffering and loss For the parents' sake, I sincerely hope their faith sustains them.
On countless occasions, as God gazed down upon the massacres of innocents, he would say to himself, "there but for the grace of God goes God."  Upon further reflection he would think to himself, but I am God you idiot!
I'm beginning to think that the rookie atheist argument, questioning how a loving and merciful god could allow suffering, is probably a stronger refutation of Christianity than the sum of all scientific and historical arguments.  I used to think it the weakest.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sage Advice for Republi-cants

Okay, you were trounced in this past election, your pundits got it wrong and your party is in shambles.  I'll offer you some essential advice for resurgence,  and political mayhem to boot.   Although the advice I give you may sound facetious, I assure you it is your only option.  Results may vary depending on your grasp of reality and your willingness to engage in Realpolitik for a change.
First thing, the fiscal cliff.  Forget about saving the wealthy a tax hike.  Go along with the Democrats and stiff those rich bastards.  After all, the wealthiest Americans live in California and New York state; both vote Democrat in every election.  Besides, the rich didn't pony up for you and it's about time Obama's Hollywood supporters, and Bruce Springsteen, get to be patriotic and pay more taxes.   Listen to Bloomberg radio and you'll even hear rich Wall Street gurus show a casual indifference;  it's only the climate of uncertainty that worries them, not tax hikes and onerous regulations, both of which they can afford to hire teams of lawyers and accountants to handle.  So why knock yourselves out

Next, try changing the name of your party to the Democratic-Republican party;  not only will the name change bring you back to your anti-Federalist roots, it will also mean you are the party of Jefferson, and not that war mongering, big government, civil liberties trampling Lincoln.  But also consider the confusion the name change causes on election day, when the ignorant masses mistakenly punch your chad because the first thing they see is the word Democratic in your party name.  Statistically speaking, it could make all the difference in a tight race, and it's guaranteed to work particularly well for you in places without indoor plumbing, like Polk County Florida.

Also, please ditch the moral principles and core beliefs already.  Forget about abortion, birth control and the war on drugs.  Instead, embrace the former two and oppose the later.  Abortion and birth control will slow down your changing demographics problem,  and legalizing drugs will render many a college student D.O.A.  after the Jay-Z, get-out-the-vote concert in 2016.   Important reminder:  Stick with the pro-gun platform!   Most anti-gun liberals vote democrat, but many democrats own guns; they enjoy hunting and are sometimes known to engage in violent altercations in sports stadium parking lots.  You can't lose supporting the 2nd amendment: It's macho, it's American, it's Ford pickup truck tuff.  These aren't your European variety socialists you're up against.

Don't worry about angering your base either;  you no longer have one.  Evangelicals didn't show up for you at the polls and many of them voted for Obama.  Now you'll no longer suffer the embarrassment of having to pretend you're a Creationist.  Just think, smug liberals like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart will no longer use your whacked-out religious utterances as comedic fodder.  You'll be free to embrace legitimate science and come off looking like you graduated from Harvard or Princeton instead of the Back Water Theological Institute for Biblical Innerancy.

Forget about the national debt too; it was all important in 2008 because Bush was president, but evidently,  it's no longer a problem.   China is investing heavily in our resurgent real estate market which means they're not particularly troubled by our deficit spending.  Since China is our new money tree and the majority of voters don't care, why go out on a limb and risk pissing off the trough feeders?  Have you ever met a woman who was attracted to a penny pincher?  Women vote and they do love a happy spender.

And please forget, once and for all, America's so-called mission in the world.   Nothing pulls in ambitious suckers like a power vacuum, so let Russia and China deal with genocidal regimes and religious fanatics.  Worried about Obama's military budget cuts?  Don't bother!  Let Obama's career military stooges deal with that.  Instead, hearken back to president Eisenhower's admonition about the military industrial complex and score big points with liberals who like Ike*.   Obama's messianic complex will eventually get us into another war and I'm sure the Prez can handle it with a scaled down air force and's called the draft.  Send your sons to ride out the war in neutral countries like Brazil, Switzerland....or Congress.

On immigration, just come out for amnesty for all illegals, their children and their extended families - even the ones doing hard time in Soledad prison.   You're not going to convince the audience of Sabato Gigante that the southwestern states aren't provinces of Mexico.  If you can siphon away half the Hispanic vote, you can mitigate your vote fraud loses from cities like Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Chicago.

I hope it helps ;>)

*NOTE:  Liberals also like Ike because the income tax rates were so much higher in the 50's, and we had lots of tax money to build big carbon foot-print highways that accelerated global warming....



Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Pass me the hand towel Colonel Rufio.

Congratulations American had one last chance to make it right and you F@#Ked yourselves again.  No worries here...I've got my back;  now take care of yours...if you can.

Monday, November 05, 2012

The Undecided Country.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 6, out of our gourd 2012, we find out if there are enough Americans left who are worthy of the name.  Sad to say, even if Mitt Romney squeaks out a narrow victory, it will probably only delay the inevitable decline of the American experiment.  This election should not be a dead heat.  Given Romney's opponent, Barack Hussein Obama, this election should be a GOP landslide.

You can't blame the politicians or the liberal media for the past four years; the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the American people for electing this president to begin with. This election's absurdly close margins doesn't bode well for the nations future.  True, an unbiased media - which we don't have - is essential for democracy to work, but if a plurality of the people are lazy and willfully ignorant, then democracy never stood a chance to begin with.

I wouldn't even hazard a guess as to who wins tomorrow;  if I were to do that, I would probably lose the shirt off my back.  In a way I'm glad I can't intuit the mind of the American voter;  possessing that ability would signify that we share the same circadian rhythms, and I would find that an affront to my very being.

Tomorrow night I will play Pontius Pilate, hands poised above a cistern of water.  I will either wash my hands of the great American unwashed, or make like Falstaff and pour a frosty mug over my  head.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Snookered by Chris "Snooki" Christie.

A big shout out to Chris Cristie - New Jersey governor and key note speaker at the GOP convention - for making it into the useful idiots Hall of fame.  Past members include senators John McCain and Arlen Specter.  This year's inductee also wins the Sybil award for carrying two voices in his head simultaneously: The GOP convention speech voice, painting Obama as the most incompetent president since the Planters peanut, and the Hurricane Sandy voice, praising Obama as a genuine Jersey shore hero, and the pinnacle of check's-in-the-mail, presidential competence.      

The Governor's embarrassingly, effluviant praise of Obama was bad enough, but his churlish eruption at the mere suggestion that Romney might visit the garden state was a real head scratcher. [“I have no idea, nor am I the least bit concerned or interested. I have a job to do in New Jersey that is much bigger than presidential politics. I could care less about any of that stuff… If you think right now I give a damn about presidential politics, then you don't know me.”].

Oh damn Chris, you're right!  We don't know you from Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi after that histrionic hissy-fit sans cocktail and fist pump.

Some speculative excuses for Governor Christie's Sybil moment include:  He's an emotional guy and just lost it after seeing the devastation of his childhood, Jersey shore haunts - can you hear strains of "Glory Days" muffled by the sound of the chopper blades?  He was prioritizing the need for New Jersey to get federal FEMA funds - and that requires an Obama flyover and ass kiss in flagrante pudendus?  Chris Christie was just being an adult and giving credit where credit is due...rising above politics - Oh my, here's another maverick politician who knows the boundary between politics and weather disaster photo-ops coupled to FEMA cash.

Tripping a guy you're campaigning for right before the finish line (see national headlines) begs for a simple, non-convoluted explanation.  Chris Christie is not above politics, not even in a disaster situation and his motives are irrelevant.  The effect of the governor's words and actions is a net minus for Romney and a net plus for Obama.  That's all you need to know.  Governor Christie may yet learn that betrayal might serve his short term political ends, but leave him out in the cold when he finds himself betrayed in turn.  The late Arlen Specter learned that lesson the hard way when he was kicked to the curb by the Democrats in 2010, after he had served his purpose.

As an aside, have you noticed that since Katrina, hurricanes have become political dynamite for Republicans, whether in office or not?  On the other hand, tornadoes and wild fires have so far remained mysteriously apolitical in the eyes of the lame stream media and other opportunistic lefties, looking for a hook to hang their victim narrative on.  If Mitt Romney were president today, he could wade through hip-deep, shark infested waters in the lobby of the Sands Casino and the headline would read, [President plays slot machines while Atlantic City Drowns].

Addendum:  RINO New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg, just endorsed Obama for president.  Wanna see my shocked face?  (:O

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Professor Obama's Teachable Debate Moments.

Let's go over our notes, shall we?

A) Professor Obama's - key points:
  1. Criticizes Romney for outsourcing and having off shore bank accounts while not seeming to know or care if his pension fund invests in China and the Caymans;  dittos for the green energy companies WE bankrolled that went bankrupt already. 
  2. Accuses Romney of not wanting pay equity for women but pays his white house female employees 18% less than the male cronies he shoots hoops with in the oval office waste paper basket.
  3. Claims we're drilling for oil - now more than ever - and laying enough oil and gas pipeline to circle Michele's ass 7 times.
  4. Says he saved Medicare since he looted it to the tune of $760 billion to fund Obama care.
  5. He's proud of Obama care .... wait a minute!....he's not talking about that these days.  Wonder why.
  6. Brags about GM and saving a handful of over paid union jobs while exempting them from Obama care; GM is headed for bankruptcy once again.  Talk about sustainability. 
  7. Took the blame for the 9/11 attack on our embassy in Benghazi, a full 24 hours after Hillary took one for the team by accepting the blame for him.  What a gentleman to admit he missed key security meetings because he had more important things to do, like hang out with Jay-Z, Letterman and Woopi Goldberg.
  8. Boasts about killing Bin Laden and decapitating Al-qaeda, while blaming an obscure Youtube video for sparking Jihadist attacks on our embassies that resulted in four dead Americans.  Not to worry, debate moderator, Candy Crowley, was riding shotgun for the POTUS with a quick fact check she had to walk back a day later.
  9. Claims Romney's elimination of some tax deductions for the rich is a tax hike on the middle class.  Of course!  It's so obvious!  How could I be so blind?  I mean, was there any doubt? ;-)
  10. Accuses Republicans of  "waging a war on women" because an Obama supporting college student, Sandra Fluck, wants the rest of us to pay for her party pills and the day glow, purple, tickler condoms her Fluck buddy forgot to pick up at the pharmacy.
Good, now I'm ready for the quiz on November 6.  I hear lots of voters took the quiz early in many states.  I guess they were so smart, they didn't need to review the lecture notes.  Have I ever told you that universal suffrage is highly overrated?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Starry Night.

City generated in Blender 2.63 using particle physics and textured building models.    This could use some street lighting but Blender was behaving rather badly....I'm working on it.  I think the illuminated Geisha billboard adds something to break up the monotony though.  (Click to enlarge)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Redefining Marriage: Pandora's Box.

Looks like the hot topic -read distraction- of the day is gay marriage.  Perfectly timed to keep the lame stream media, and Fox News culture warriors in topical form - Barack Hussein Obama's politically timed, bully pulpit endorsement of "marriage equality."

Despite Obama's sagging poll numbers over Obamacare, class warfare, record national debt, anemic economic growth and unemployment cemented above eight percent, Obama pulls the gay vote card from his sleeve; yet another puff of perfumed smoke rises from the alter of Hope and Change.

No wonder the Obama operatives floated the Joe Biden -gay marriage- hot air balloon just days before the messiah's declaration of evolutionary enlightenment on the issue.  The Hollywood 1% PERCENTERS quickly followed up with a vapid, George Clooney fund raiser for the Tolerance-in-Chief. 

There's nothing worth recapping about the president's money grubbing extravaganzas, courtesy of tax payer funded, Air Force One shuttle flights to $10,000 a plate dinners.  We're all footing the bill for round two of the grand messiah tour, but if you don't recognize a Chicago style, political stunt when you see one, then you just might be eligible for a fifth of Stoli and a pack of Newports on the way to the polls.

I hear some conservatives say they are against gay marriage, but for civil unions.  Isn't marriage a civil union?  If you're for civil unions for gays, then you might as well endorse gay marriage.  I'm not coming from a religious perspective but I just can't stomach religious people who tout their principles while engaging in legal sophistry in order to avoid being called homophobes...whatever that means. 

I hear liberals define gay marriage as marriage equality.  In order for there to be marriage equality, marriage must first be redefined to include same sex couples.  I don't know what the code of Hammurabi says about marriage, but I do know for a fact that the civil institution of marriage, in all it's particulars, has been relatively consistent and unyielding over thousands of years, polygamy being the exception in Bible world.

But more importantly, and not outside the realm of legal consideration, the issue of marriage equality may not be a settled issue until polygamists and polyamorists also have their day in court.  One man or woman married to multiple partners of both sexes and vice versa.  The pagan Greeks and Romans may have condoned gay marriages during their decent into cultural decadence,  but even then there were critics who saw it for what it was and not some commitment to social justice.

Inevitably,  gay marriage will be universally accepted outside the Islamic world, and I have no idea what the implications will be for redefining the family, but I'm sure the legal profession will profit from the multitude of divorce, alimony and child custody cases; the permutations are deliciously mind bending.  There's profit to be had here if you're a divorce lawyer...or just some hack community activist-cum-Preezy of the United Steezy.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Senator Marco Rubio for Vice President!

Romney-Rubio 2012?  Imagine a young and dynamic Marco Rubio in a debate with that gasbag, gaffe machine, Joe Biden.    Let's see...this presidential election could end up as Robert Young and Ricky Nelson versus Erkel and Grandpa Munster.  Did Grandpa Munster wear hair plugs and was Erkel a dog-eating socialist?  Never mind.  I was actually tempted to label Romney and Rubio, "Chico And The Man".  Yeah, never mind ;^)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Kangaroo Court, Courtesy of the Usual Suspects.

Trayvon Martin,  an innocent victim of a white racist?  George Zimmerman was actually described as a 'white Hispanic' by the New York Slimes.  If he had found a cure for cancer, he would be just plain Hispanic.  We've been down this road before with the usual cast of race-bating clowns, from the president on down, along with the lame stream media's manipulation, like using photos of 'little Trayvon' that are 5 years out of date.  
By every indication, this shooting was a case of self defense attested to by witnesses.  Trayvon Martin wasn't a victim or a nice young man and this case does not even merit attention outside of the community in which it took place.  But that didn't stop the great unifier, president Barack Hussein Obama, from reprising the black victim narrative; remember the Louis Gates bad behavior incident a few years back? When's the beer summit in the Rose Garden?

It's surreal to hear this Trayvon case described - even by so-called conservatives, who recognize the scam - as a tragedy.  The real tragedy would have been the long list of future victims claimed by 'little Trayvon'.  As for this so-called tragedy, I'm popping the cork.  And what's more ridiculous than the hoodie vigils held by manipulative politicians and activists, who claim they're honoring Trayvon's 'legacy'?  What exactly is his legacy outside of assault and battery?  Someone tell me where I go to purchase a legacy for keeping my nose clean.

By the time the truth leaks out - in convenient driblets of course - the accused will be doing hard time, courtesy of Eric Holder's civil rights gestapo.  If I were George Zimmerman, I would be on a plane to Rio.  I'd take my chances in a Taliban court over the politically correct in-sensibilities of a media brainwashed kangaroo jury and the unlimited resources and zeal of the DOJ.  Run George run!...before the Black Panther party collects on their bounty.  Justice?  It doesn't fit the narrative.

How's this for tragedy? 

Addendum (7-14-2012):  Well Hallelujah!  Looks like they cleared George Zimmerman of any racial motivations!  Will wonders never cease in our America.  If it had been the other way around, sweet, little Trayvon would not have had that legal hurdle to clear, and George Zimmerman would be dead from a bullet fired by Trayvon, after he pulled the gun from George Zimmerman's holster.  For someone who should never have been arrested and charged in the first place, George Zimmerman is facing so-called justice in America today.  Free George Zimmerman Now!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Breaking News!

North Korea files lawsuit against U.S. government for patent infringement of their Kim Jong-un "beloved leader" statue.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finance and Banking 101.

This video was shared with me on Facebook by an Italian friend of mine who works as an investment broker in Italy, not far from my home town.  She is very successful and has clients throughout Europe.  The video is in English with Italian subtitles.  I would say it's worth more than a semester or two of a finance and banking course at the university level.  It's a bit long but well worth watching. 
Grazie Ornella!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Jesse - the boob - Ventura

Jesse Ventura is more than just an ex-wrestler and failed former governor of Minnesota, he's also host of a conspiracy theory show on cable;  you know, 911 was an inside job; G.W. Bush shredded the constitution; the Illuminati control the world banking system.....etc.   Jesse's latest carnival act is refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance.  Ventura railed against America after a judge threw out his lawsuit against TSA for patting him down at an airport.  Jesse proudly proclaimed his new found lack of patriotism and said he would even raise a clenched fist in protest during the singing of the national anthem at sporting events.  He also  threatened to move to Mexico!  Yea Jesse, Mexico is the bastion of human rights and freedom.  When are you leaving?

Some of us know this is just an act, no different than his days as a feather boa wearing bad guy on the wrastlin' circuit.  The loudmouth's latest drivel is just a publicity promo for his cable program.  I'm sure he'll be hitting the Daily Show and Bill Maher's show on his latest self-promotion tour.   After all, self promotion is what Jesse Ventura does best, which actually makes him a ton smarter than his idiot head admirers, who compared to Ventura, don't have a pot to piss in.

America is becoming a crazy place to live but it's not because of the TSA, Homeland Security or the actions of our former president to secure the safety of our citizens.   Ironically, it's our enduring constitutional freedoms that make it possible for opportunistic, nut jobs like Jesse Ventura to live the good life, all the while duping his dumb ass acolytes into crazy paroxysms of persecution and panic.  Don't worry, Jessie ain't goin' nowhere as long as he's laughing all the way to the bank.

ADDENDUM:  Kudos to Navy Seal, Chris Kyle, for punching out Ventura for badmouthing the war in front of Iraqi war vets.  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sci-Fi Poster Project - A Slight Detour.

This poster depicts a scene from the cyber-punk, sci-fi novel, "Accelerando", by Charles Stross.   Amber Macx and her crew upload to the Field Circus - a craft the size of a coke can, made of Computronium - and venture two light years to the brown dwarf star Hyundai +4904/-56 where they encounter the Wunch.  I can't righlty call this poster "Minimalist".  A friend has described my work as Art Deco and I must agree with her assessment.  I love Art Deco!

Buy my art at

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Minimalist Design Posters...continued.

Minimalist poster inspired by Peter F. Hamilton's Commonwealth Saga"Pandora's Star" and "Judas Unchained."   Here I am depicting the Compressed Space Transport (CST) technology - invented by tech entrepreneurs, Nigel Sheldon and Ozzie Isaacs - used for traveling throughout the 400 planet Intersolar Commonwealth.  Specific design elements inspired by A.M. Cassandre's famous Nord Express poster of 1927. 

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Minimalist Graphic Design Posters: Sci-Fi Novel Series.

This is the first in a series of minimalist posters I am working on.  The series will consist of locations mentioned in my favorite science fiction novels.  Pictured above is the planet Faber Eridani - home to Elmira Spaceport - in Jeffrey A. Carver's novel, Eternity's End.   I will be selling these posters in different sizes, suitable for matting and framing. Check back soon for further details on where to purchase.  I am planning my first exhibition featuring these posters at a local library.  Concept inspired by Chicago graphic designer and illustrator, Justin Van Genderen, who did a Star Wars series of minimalist posters.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years After 9-11

 I really hope we stop being a nation of mourners. Starting a year from today, we should observe 9-11 not with prayers, hymns and tears but with a military parade in midtown Manhattan with throngs of cheering crowds chanting U.S.A.  I would rather see angry Americans burning effigies of our enemies instead of James Taylor strumming a guitar or some cleric preaching a weepy sermon.  It's time to deprive the enemy of the satisfaction of witnessing the annual cry-a-thon.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Another Night, Another Dream...

...another day, another year, another...Labor Day?  Einstein proved that time is relative and political campaigns prove that there is nothing new under the Sun.  No obsession Du Jour for this blog entry.
Just enjoy this Fritz Lang inspired video by the Real McCoy.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Of Preacher Men and Straw Men.

Of all the gadgets I spend money on, the ones I get the most use out of are cheap, little radios; I'm seldom far from a radio. There was a time when I could tune into the New York megawatt stations on a $10.00, made in China receiver, just by orienting the radio at the right angle and height. Not any more.

Because of the glut of religious stations on the AM band crowding out the signal, I'm now limited to KYW 1060 News Radio when I hit the porcelain throne. Try tuning in the New York stations and you get static. Even listening to local stations like WNTP 990 News Talk, and you get screaming preacher leakage if the radio isn't oriented in exactly the right position. Try turning the dial between local stations and you get wild paroxysms of Hallelujahs and Amens.

I get tired of fiddling with the radio dial while I'm reaching for the Charmin so occasionally I'll listen to a broadcast from the First Abyssinian Church of the Apostolic Basement Fish Fry, quite literally for shits and giggles. The other day I heard Pastor Thomas B. Bullshitin railing against the theory of Evolution. I listened in amusement as Pastor Tom, graduate of Lincoln Tech Divinity School, set up a series of straw Men arguments, essentially attributing fallacious tenets to Darwin's theory, then knocking them down with a mix of corn pone humor and an abysmal lack of knowledge, a lethal combo that sits well with a hope starved and ignorant, inner city audience.

The Straw Man fallacy was only one of many weapons in the good pastor's arsenal of scientific insights; they also included ad hominem arguments, arguments from ignorance (ad ignorantiam), appeals to authority, begging the question, circular reasoning, arguments from incredulity...and don't forget that other great tool of science pedagogy - screaming at the top of your lungs. Here's a medley of pastoral brilliance, culled from a variety of broadcasts.

..."they'll tell you that evolution is...uh..uh..uh... making everything better, that one day we'll become...uh..uh....
that mankind is uh..uh...on the road to perfection....uh..uh..uh...but things today is gettin' worse than when we was comin' up.....
....ever since they started teachin' our kids...uh..uh..uh..that they came from monkeys..uh..uh..instead of the hand of the creator..uh..uh..uh...drug use is on tha rise and teenage girls is havin' babies outside of wedlock...
...scientists claim to have all the answers but they still can't ...uh..uh..uh..tell us how we got here....and they want you to...uh...uh...uh..believe that all this just happened by accident! we gots evolutionists tellin' us that there's no such thing as morality...uh..uh...uh...that it's all down to genetics...that we can't control our behavior...
...the bible tells us that God knew us in the womb...uh..uh...but ever since they kicked God out of the classroom and started teachin' our kids that ..uh..uh...we came about by random mutations of atoms...uh..uh...millions of babies are killed in abortion clinics each year.....
....Lenin, Hitler and Mao believed in evolution..uh...uh.. and they killed..uh..uh..uh....hundreds of millions of people world wide to promote Darwin's theory....
...they claimed they found the missing link between apes and men..uh..uh..uh....somethin' called Piltdown Man..uh..uh..but it turned out to be a hoax...Hallelujah!
...professin' themselves to be wise they become fools....uh uh uh..."

......Amen to that preacher man!

Addendum ( 7-27-2011 ): 

While channel surfing on my brand new LED HD TV yesterday,  I came across Pastor John Hagee in the middle of a tirade against's how it went:

"They want you to believe that a tadpole took a billion years to crawl out of the water, then another billion years to crawl up a tree and hang by it's tail, and then they tell you it's your grandfather." ....[obligatory elicited snickering in the audience of sheeple]....
Then the pastor went on to say: "I believe Gawd took a handful of clay and breathed life into it....and that's how I got here". ....[obligatory applause and cheering in the audience of sheeple]....then he went into an escalating cadence of screamed professions of faith....[followed by the obligatory - put-reason-on-hold - orgasm from the audience of sheeple]. 

Sure pastor, your theory sounds so much more plausible.

I recently asked a friend from Barcelona what he thought of the average American's ignorance concerning Evolution and he told me that in Europe, they can't comprehend our lack of knowledge on something so basic and so well established as (Macro) Evolution.  He also found it strange that so many Americans also take bible stories like Noah's flood seriously.   My friend has since returned to Spain with his medical researcher wife and two preschool children; he assured me his kids would get a far better education in Spain. No F#%K'n Shit.

Also read:  Bible Logic 101: A Blundering Deity & A Sick Story

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fuzzy Logic ( 6-25-2011)

* Great news on the Afghan front: This week, Barack "Alexander the Great" Obama, sounded the retreat to Persepolis for a few rounds of golf, to be followed by a declaration of victory.  Naturally, the Taliban will immediately lay down their weapons and become respectable citizens in that great Afghani Democratic tradition.  Don't expect the career generals, both outgoing and staying, to question the field marshal's military expertise; or is that political expertise?  So after 10 years of dead and maimed American soldiers, a stroke of the pen will signal "mission accomplished".  Can't wait to see the Fight'n Phils playing a good will exhibition game against the Sharia Laws in Kabul stadium.

* Speaking of sports, how about that riot up in Vancouver last week after the Canucks lost to the Bruins.  It's a good thing none of those Canuck fans got hurt, what with all those riot cops running roughshod in the streets.  Ever wonder why police can shoot someone who gets cornered robbing a liquor store, then reaches for something in his pocket, but they can't use live ammo on thousands of rampaging looters and arsonists who cause millions in damage and are a clear public danger?  Am I missing something?

* More great news!  Prices are going down at the pump ever since the International Energy Agency (ITA) decided to release 2 million barrels of crude oil a day from emergency reserves for the next 30 days.  Obama, being a citizen of the world, is happy to contribute 50% of that as the Europeans contribute 30%.  Of course, Libya was producing 1.2 million barrels a day before the U.S. and NATO initiated their new diplomatic initiative with Gaddafi.  In fact, Libyan oil production will most likely remain offline for the rest of the least.  But not to worry.  When Summer is over, prices will shoot right back up to $4.69/gallon, leaving American voters with happy Obama memories of that thousand mile road trip for just $3.87/gallon; sure beats making substantive energy plans that extend beyond the vacation season.  Who wants to talk about drilling for oil in Alaska when all you want to do is forget that last cold winter by spending two weeks in a trailer park grilling weenies, swatting mosquitoes and watching your piggy kids cannon balling into lake Aromapoopoo?

* Once again, Philadelphia school district super, Arlene "save the chilr'n" Ackerman, got her $38 million for failing Philly schools on the backs of homeowners via another property tax increase of 4%; this is the second property tax increase within a year.  The alternate proposal, of raising a few cents tax on an ounce of soda, was met by well funded opposition from the soda vendors, along with dorm-bug college students and other assorted idiots who claimed a soda tax would hurt the poor...I kid you not.   Now our little scholars can still afford to drink their breakfast beverage of choice, get free bus fare to the fight club and a gratis enrollment in the "Bright Futures" program for the perpetual illiterati (see the urban dictionary).  Most of the tenured pension thieves sitting on our city council voted for what they called a courageous political decision for "our children's future."  To paraphrase the sperm donors who give us such outstanding students to work with: Yo! dey  ain't my muthaf*#kin' chilr'n!

* I like Ron Paul.  I'm sure he represents his Texas district quite well and he does resemble every one's favorite grandpa; the only problem is, he will never win a primary, let alone a general election for president.  Now that the wars are winding down and more and more Republicans are souring on nation building, I think the winner of the Republican primary should announce Ron Paul as their pick for secretary of the treasury.  I'm curious to see how many of his Bush bashing, anti-war supporters will take to his Libertarian fiscal policies.  Ron Paul would make a great secretary of the treasury and I'm not being facetious when I say that, but I have little respect for most of his supporters, especially the ones who you know supported him just to bash the last administration.   Then there's Rand Paul, Ron's son, who I'm happy to say, also resides in the Republican party; there's a reason for that and I'm guessing it's got nothing to do with the makeup of their respective political districts.  Anyone who is a true Libertarian would never run as one in a presidential election and they most certainly wouldn't run as a Democrat.
There's no need to buy a new front tire when all your missing are a few lug nuts.  But just try telling that to the lug nuts who support him.  Life is full of ironies. 
Palin - Bachmann 2012! ...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Train Tunnel Test Animation - Blender 2.57

Just a preliminary animation test run which took nearly 5 hours to render.  Someone buy me a super computer.  I would like to thank Andrew Price of for the great tutorials.  Andrew is one cool Aussie!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Train Tunnel - 3D Animation Project.

Train tunnel and tracks I modeled in Blender 2.57 for an upcoming short animation project.  Final touches will include detailed trains rolling down the tunnel with flashing signal lights. 

Train tunnel and tracks I modeled in Blender 2.57 for an upcoming short animation project.  Final touches will include detailed trains rolling down the tunnel with flashing signal lights. (Click on picture for larger view)